General compliance with laws

We are committed to ensuring that all employees respect and strictly comply with established laws and regulations. We also require all our business partners to comply with this demand.
Respect for employees and their rights
It is incumbent upon us to respect and consolidate the rights of the employees. This includes prohibiting discrimination on any grounds, respecting personal dignity and providing fair remuneration, while complying with the statutory minimum wage and maximum permissible working hours.

Safety and health of employees

Responsible works management ensures the health and safety of employees.
Measures are also to be taken to eliminate accidents as far as possible and provision made with respect to sickness or physical infirmity at the workplace.
Employees are to be given training courses on health and safety issues.

Child labour

Our contractors must ensure that child labour (under the age of 15) is prohibited within their own companies. Monitoring will take place in case of doubt.
Corruption / Bribery / Accepting advantage
In order to avoid dishonest business promotion, we take great care to ensure that no payments or illegal benefits are effected.

Environmental Protection

Attention is likewise to be paid to directives and standards pertaining to environmental protection (e.g. noise-reduced and low-emission vehicles) which are to be adhered to and continuously observed, monitored and improved.

Requirements for partners and contractors

It is clear that not only the Trans-Trading GmbH abides by these rules and provisions, but that all our business partners will practice and adhere to them. In case of disregard, we will require and monitor rectification.